Elijah Hilliard

Elijah Hilliard is a skilled and dedicated professional with a passion for the real estate industry. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance Option from California State University, Fresno. Throughout his career, Elijah has demonstrated a deep passion for real estate, and his professional experience has been focused on developing his expertise in this field.

Prior to joining the JKRE Group, Elijah spent 3.5 years in banking, with 2 of those years spent in the real estate construction department. During his time in banking, he honed his financial analysis and underwriting skills, gaining invaluable experience in evaluating and mitigating risk in real estate lending transactions.

After his time in banking, Elijah spent a year in land acquisition for a top 5 homebuilder, where he was responsible for analyzing market trends and identifying potential land acquisition opportunities. He developed a keen eye for identifying the potential of properties and assessing their value, skills that have been essential to his success in the real estate industry.

In his current role as Sales Analyst for The JKRE Group, Elijah brings his expertise to bear on a range of sales activities. He is responsible for analyzing sales data, identifying trends, performing exchange analysis, repositioning equity, and helping clients grow their wealth. Elijah’s financial acumen and deep understanding of the real estate industry make him an invaluable asset to The JKRE Group, and he is highly regarded by his colleagues and clients alike.

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